See Jane. See Jane Create.

Pace_SeeJaneRun_400x400We’re turning the page on a new chapter of Pace, so a storybook reference felt appropriate. This new chapter is all about taking our creative output to a new level – and it begins with the recent addition of Jane Kramer to our Pace team.

Pace, Jane Kramer_2015
Jane Kramer, Pace Creative Director

Jane recently came on board as our Creative Director, supervising our team of art directors and copywriters and overseeing all our creative execution and output. A senior-level creative director and a true professional, Jane is also a bit of a nut – and we’re proud to share both sides of her. First, the serious stuff…

Pace_See Jane WorkArmed with a background in art direction, Jane has produced award-winning integrated campaigns for global brands – both B2B and B2C – over a 22-year career. Prior to joining Pace, she worked as Creative Director for Nelson Schmidt in Milwaukee. Her client experience is diverse and includes category leaders such as ADP, Alliance Laundry Systems, Bombardier, Club Car, Hershey’s, Master Lock, McKesson, Polaris, Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics and Rubbermaid. Jane has been recognized not only from creative competitions and publications such as Communication Arts, Graphis, New York Festivals, and Creativity, but from award programs highlighting results, such as B2B Best, ACE and Tower.

Cara Faske, our Pace president, commented on the addition of Jane to our team:

Pace_creative director desk signThe time was right to bring a new vision and focus to our creative department – not only for our own internal branding, but to elevate our client work, as well. I can’t think of someone better to do this than Jane. She has a demonstrated talent for high-caliber creative concepting and a unique, fresh vision that will ensure our creative output sets a new standard for the industry. Her strengths are in branding, strategy and ideation and she brings a focused and disciplined approach that has proven to generate results. I’m also excited because she brings extensive experience in traditional broadcast and longer-form content video, both areas where Pace will be expanding. I can’t wait to see how our creative department grows under Jane’s leadership and how she helps us take Pace to the next level!”

Jane had a few words to say about her new role, as well:

Pace_trustme-professional copy

It’s very exciting to join Pace at such an important time in the history and evolution of the agency. I’m looking forward to helping grow our creative department and diversify our client base. On top of that, to be able to be part of an agency re-brand is a rare and awesome opportunity.”

Pace_MilwaukeeJane has accidentally worked in advertising for more years than she cares to admit. Born in New Hampshire to a musical family (both her parents were professional classical musicians), she abandoned New England as an infant when she moved to Milwaukee. (Not on her own. The family moved with her.) It was there that she unexpectedly launched her advertising career. It was also there that she developed a rabid enthusiasm for all things Green Bay Packer related.


We’re glad that Jane has returned to the East Coast – and that she’s on our team now. (Although she still wears her cheesehead proudly.) She has a degree in Theatre and Dance, so we’re not surprised (though sometimes our clients are) when she busts out something wacky during a presentation. After all, she has to use her degree somewhere. She also inherited her parents’ musical talents and can pretty much play any instrument. We’re waiting for the day when she breaks out a ukulele in a meeting.

Pace_Jane Kramer_musical talent
Talented in oh, so many ways, Jane keeps the office energy up!

When she’s not performing as a senior level creative director and demonstrating her skills in branding, strategy and ideation, Jane can often be found cooking or eating. She also enjoys collecting wine, mostly just so she can drink it. To keep her girlish figure from these gastronomic vices, she cycles and does various other physical things – including “accidentally” watching trashy reality TV and “accidentally” reading People magazine.

Pace_Sophisticated Jane Kramer
Jane loves her wine. See Jane drink…

Welcome, Jane!

Meet Heather Malko: Pace VP, Account Director

Pace_Heather Malko_2015
Heather Malko – Pace VP, Account Director

Forgive us, but we never formally welcomed – or introduced you to – Heather Malko! Heather joined Pace recently in the role of VP, Account Director – and we couldn’t be more excited to have her on board. In this new position, Heather is responsible for spearheading new business development for the agency. It’s a pretty big assignment – but one that she’s more than capable of accomplishing, according to Cara Faske, Pace president.

We’re so excited to have Heather on board at this pivotal time in the growth of Pace,” Cara said. “I had the pleasure of working with her a few years ago, before my agency, Cara Martin, merged with Pace, so I know what she can bring to the table. At Cara Martin, Heather doubled our annual gross sales in a very short period of time. She’s great at networking and prospecting and she knows how to find and develop truly qualified leads . We have an ambitious growth agenda at Pace right now, as we prepare to launch our new website and a major agency rebrand, so it’s critical for us to have someone on board whose primary responsibility is new business development. Heather’s previous success as a new business winner has convinced me that she’s the right person for this role. I can’t wait to see how she helps us take Pace to the next level!”

Pace_Heatherscript1Here’s a little more about the professional side of Heather. (Keep reading for a fun look at some other sides of her life…) Prior to working at Cara Martin as Senior Vice President, Account Services, from 2005-2008, Heather worked at Chavin Lambert Advertising (a division of Omnicom) as Senior Vice President, Account Manager; and at Four Seasons/Regent Hotels and Resorts as a National Corporate Representative. Most recently, she worked as a freelance consultant for Rockrose Development Corp., providing analyses and recommendations for the leasing efforts of the firm’s New York City rental portfolio.

Here’s what Heather had to say about her new role with Pace:

I’m thrilled to be working with Cara again and excited to be part of Pace and WPP! There is so much potential for the agency right now, in both the commercial and residential markets. We have a unique approach to how we do business and a creative team that is extraordinary, so I’m really looking forward to putting our experience to work for new clients in the market, to help them succeed with their most critical projects.”

Pace_Tulane U logoAnd here are some other fun facts about Heather. She admits to liking a good adventure. And while she’s a true Jersey girl, when it came time for college, Heather opted to head south and went to Tulane University in New Orleans, where she enjoyed four years of fabulous food, great weather, amazing architecture, and of course Mardi Gras and JazzFest. Plus, what a great way to make sure you have visitors. Who wouldn’t want to go to NOLA? As a child, Heather dreamed of being a veterinarian. Instead of that path, she built a successful advertising and marketing career in the real estate and hospitality industries. Heather’s other adventures include raising her two young boys and Barney the family dog, CrossFit workouts, vacations at the beach and in the French countryside, drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Heather Malko_Mental Heather

Join us in sending a great big (belated) WELCOME to Heather!

Pace_welcome Heather


Creative Spotlight: The Giovanni

gio_logoSuper chic, super trendy – that’s The Giovanni, a new luxury rental project in super-hot Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Naturally, developer Red Apple Real Estate wanted a super-creative branding and marketing program for the project. So they hired us.

The Giovanni, 81 Fleet Place, between Myrtle Avenue & Flatbush Avenue Extension


We designed and developed a logo and website for The Giovanni, as well as a brochure, building renderings (by our 3D rendering arm, Agency Red), digital media campaigns, signage, marketing center displays, outdoor kiosks, promotional items, stationery, business cards and more. Here’s just a sample of some of our work for The Giovanni…

giovanni original
Montage of Pace work for The Giovanni including logo, rendering, website, and stationery package


Since When Did “Advertising” Become a Dirty Word?

PACE_advertising wordAdvertising Age posed that question recently in a thought-provoking piece of the same title. We’ll share a few excerpts here, but we encourage you to read the whole piece on ( It’s a good, entertaining read.


PACE_bad-wordsInterestingly, we asked a very similar question over a year ago, in a piece written by PACE CEO Rick Nulman titled, “Why Did Advertising Become a 4-Letter Word?” Here’s what Rick had to say:

If you hate advertising, you’re going to love this sales pitch:

A wise man once said that marketing is one of those soft sciences where all you need to be an expert is an opinion. And ‘advertising’? Well, some say advertising is an old-school word that no longer defines what our industry does. It’s not advertising. It’s ‘marketing communications.’ It’s not salesmanship. It’s ‘building brand leadership’.

PACE_HorsefeathersHorsefeathers! We believe you need more than an opinion and the latest buzzwords in your vocabulary to do what we do. We believe you need talent, and creativity, and wisdom, and sound judgment, and objectivity, and unerring common sense, and a great sense of humor, and good old-fashioned salesmanship. David Ogilvy-style salesmanship.”



According to the Ad Age piece by Sean Cummins, advertising is a word we seldom hear anymore. Cummins traces the “de-advertising of the advertising industry back to that fateful day in the late 1990s when Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising changes its name to Saatchi & Saatchi Communications.” While our Rick Nulman laments the replacement of “advertising” with terms like “marketing communications” and “building brand leadership,” Cummins zeroes in on the new buzzword, “branded content.”

PACE_Branded Content

As Cummins says,

By removing the word ‘advertising’ from our industry, it effectively means that anyone with a camera device and a graphics package… can be in the industry formerly known as advertising. Because they are doing branded content.”

As Rick so classically put it, horsefeathers.

Cummins succinctly made this critical point:

Good advertising makes you do something – not passively sit and consume without any compulsion to do much other than ‘view’ or ‘like”… or ‘share.’ Advertising is a very powerful combination of communication, art, psychology and intuition. It is about selling. Not telling. And selling is a skill that requires a result – buying.”

AMENWe say a hearty AMEN to all of this.

We believe real advertising requires all those skills and traits that Rick pointed out: talent, creativity, wisdom, sound judgment, objectivity, unerring common sense, a great sense of humor, and good old-fashioned salesmanship. And because we believe all this, we believe we can help you do a better job than you could do yourselves, or with someone else.

PACE has a rare 65+ year history of successes. We bring extraordinary strategic, conceptual and implementation skills to our diverse client base – regardless of the media utilized. Websites, brochures, digital, mobile, print, TV, radio, identity, videos, eblasts, blogging, content marketing, SEO, apps, social media – we’ve spent our careers building our clients’ brands, and their sales.



So no more four-letter, dirty words. When you’re ready to reconsider your notion of “advertising,” let’s talk. We’d love to show you how truly effective real advertising can be for your business, your project or development, your hospital, or your organization.


Clients & Problems & Solutions, Oh My…

Mary Wells Lawrence
Advertising legend, Mary Wells Lawrence

“When a client comes to us with a product, he is, in effect, giving us a problem to be solved. … Some of the biggest advertising mistakes are people who imagine they know what the problem is, or they’re not even thinking about it; they’re just coming up with that brilliant idea and trying to force the problem to fit it.” (Mary Wells Lawrence)

What a great, insightful comment from legendary advertising executive, Mary Wells Lawrence. Lawrence was the founding president of Wells Rich Greene (WRG), an agency known for its creative, innovative, and revolutionary work. A bit of a revolutionary herself, Lawrence was the first female CEO of a company listed on the NY Stock Exchange. By 1969, she was reported to be the highest-paid executive in advertising. She was the youngest member to be inducted into the Copywriters Hall of Fame and inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame in 1999. Back in the day, major WRG clients included American Motors, Cadbury Schweppes, IBM, Pan American World Airways, Procter & Gamble and many others. Lawrence stepped down as CEO in 1990, and WRG officially ceased operations in 1998.

2000px-I_Love_New_York.svg-1If you haven’t heard of Ms. Lawrence, you’ve surely heard of some her agency’s notable campaigns, including: “Plop plop, fizz fizz” & “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” (Alka Seltzer), “I ♥NY,” “Trust the Midas Touch,” “At Ford, Quality is Job 1″ and “Flick your Bic.” 

But we digress. Back to the point of her comment! Lawrence keenly noted one of an agency’s biggest potential mistakes: failing to recognize the client’s real problem that needs to be solved. Maybe it comes by failing to truly listen to the client and her needs. Or maybe, as Lawrence points out, we think we know what the real problem is. Or we simply champion our own creative “solutions” and try to shoehorn the client into our work, instead of letting the work truly stem from an authentic understanding of the problem to be solved.

PACE_problem-solution-chalkboardAt PACE, we’ve learned that if we invest the time to truly listen to a client’s needs and challenges, we will understand the real problem that needs to be solved. If we invest the energy to look deeply enough into any project, we will uncover the defining essence or distinguishing vision that differentiates it, drives its activities, and provides the basis for a targeted campaign and creative solutions that match the client’s objectives and ultimately solve the problem at hand. Consequently, rather than reflecting our agency’s style, our work reflects each individual client’s vision and identity.

PACE_listenOver the years, we’ve developed client relationships that are earned, long-term engagements, because our efforts are devoted to achieving our clients’ objectives and exceeding their expectations. As a result, we have enjoyed many client relationships that span decades; a true rarity in the world of advertising.

If you have a branding or marketing challenge that’s keeping you up at night, or blocking your growth and potential, we’d love to talk with you, to listen, to get to heart of the problem – and to begin developing strategic, creative, and authentic solutions to help your company succeed.