See Jane. See Jane Create.

Pace_SeeJaneRun_400x400We’re turning the page on a new chapter of Pace, so a storybook reference felt appropriate. This new chapter is all about taking our creative output to a new level – and it begins with the recent addition of Jane Kramer to our Pace team.

Pace, Jane Kramer_2015
Jane Kramer, Pace Creative Director

Jane recently came on board as our Creative Director, supervising our team of art directors and copywriters and overseeing all our creative execution and output. A senior-level creative director and a true professional, Jane is also a bit of a nut – and we’re proud to share both sides of her. First, the serious stuff…

Pace_See Jane WorkArmed with a background in art direction, Jane has produced award-winning integrated campaigns for global brands – both B2B and B2C – over a 22-year career. Prior to joining Pace, she worked as Creative Director for Nelson Schmidt in Milwaukee. Her client experience is diverse and includes category leaders such as ADP, Alliance Laundry Systems, Bombardier, Club Car, Hershey’s, Master Lock, McKesson, Polaris, Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics and Rubbermaid. Jane has been recognized not only from creative competitions and publications such as Communication Arts, Graphis, New York Festivals, and Creativity, but from award programs highlighting results, such as B2B Best, ACE and Tower.

Cara Faske, our Pace president, commented on the addition of Jane to our team:

Pace_creative director desk signThe time was right to bring a new vision and focus to our creative department – not only for our own internal branding, but to elevate our client work, as well. I can’t think of someone better to do this than Jane. She has a demonstrated talent for high-caliber creative concepting and a unique, fresh vision that will ensure our creative output sets a new standard for the industry. Her strengths are in branding, strategy and ideation and she brings a focused and disciplined approach that has proven to generate results. I’m also excited because she brings extensive experience in traditional broadcast and longer-form content video, both areas where Pace will be expanding. I can’t wait to see how our creative department grows under Jane’s leadership and how she helps us take Pace to the next level!”

Jane had a few words to say about her new role, as well:

Pace_trustme-professional copy

It’s very exciting to join Pace at such an important time in the history and evolution of the agency. I’m looking forward to helping grow our creative department and diversify our client base. On top of that, to be able to be part of an agency re-brand is a rare and awesome opportunity.”

Pace_MilwaukeeJane has accidentally worked in advertising for more years than she cares to admit. Born in New Hampshire to a musical family (both her parents were professional classical musicians), she abandoned New England as an infant when she moved to Milwaukee. (Not on her own. The family moved with her.) It was there that she unexpectedly launched her advertising career. It was also there that she developed a rabid enthusiasm for all things Green Bay Packer related.


We’re glad that Jane has returned to the East Coast – and that she’s on our team now. (Although she still wears her cheesehead proudly.) She has a degree in Theatre and Dance, so we’re not surprised (though sometimes our clients are) when she busts out something wacky during a presentation. After all, she has to use her degree somewhere. She also inherited her parents’ musical talents and can pretty much play any instrument. We’re waiting for the day when she breaks out a ukulele in a meeting.

Pace_Jane Kramer_musical talent
Talented in oh, so many ways, Jane keeps the office energy up!

When she’s not performing as a senior level creative director and demonstrating her skills in branding, strategy and ideation, Jane can often be found cooking or eating. She also enjoys collecting wine, mostly just so she can drink it. To keep her girlish figure from these gastronomic vices, she cycles and does various other physical things – including “accidentally” watching trashy reality TV and “accidentally” reading People magazine.

Pace_Sophisticated Jane Kramer
Jane loves her wine. See Jane drink…

Welcome, Jane!

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