Creative Spotlight: Vineyards at Blue Point


One of our newest clients at PACE is Vineyards at Blue Point, a new active-adult community on Long Island from award-winning developer Ornstein-Leyton Company. We’ve been working with our partners at Vineyards to create a full marketing campaign, from logo development to signage, print and online banner ads, a website and more.

Vineyards BP Logo_PACE
Logo for Vineyards at Blue Point, created by PACE

We were excited to recently launch our first ad for this exceptional new community. This initial ad, below, is the first in a campaign that imagines, from the perspective of a 55+ homebuyer, how good life will be “someday” when she or he finds the perfect active-adult community:

Vineyards at Blue Point_PACE Ad_May 2015


Even more than being excited about launching the first ad, we were thrilled to learn about the response. Our client reported having over 103 new visitors at the community’s sales office from Friday through Sunday following the ad’s run, with 60 of them claiming direct response from the ad. According to our client, the ad was very well received, with people commenting that they liked it because it “was different from other builders’ typical ads.”

PACE_bedifferent-300x227That’s music to our ears – and exactly what we always strive to hear. As an agency, our philosophy is that “Clients don’t look alike. And neither should their ads.” We always search for a project’s defining essence – the bedrock principle, the distinguishing vision – that differentiates it, drives its activities, and provides the basis for a unique brand and selling proposition. As a result, every client’s ad should be uniquely identifiable and distinguishable from any and all competitors.

But even more important, our ads have to work. Our goal is to develop targeted campaigns and creative solutions that match client objectives and drive measurable results – and we’ve had a lot of success doing just that. This latest ad from Vineyards at Blue Point is just one example. We’d love to show you more.

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