2015 Social New Year’s Resolutions

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January is always a good time of year to take stock of things, personally and professionally. While we recognize that resolutions can be overzealous and a potential set up for failure, they can also be an encouraging way to facilitate positive change. With that in mind, we really liked these social media branding tips and guidelines from Marie Alonzo, a content branding and social media strategist at CompuData. Marie is a contributor on content, social media and business technologies for Small Business Trends, Philadelphia Business Journal, Social Media Today and VAR Guy and keeps track of social media trends on Twitter: @DigitalPRLady.

The article talks about our responsibility as businesses to take “social ownership” of our social media branding efforts: to be as consistent and appropriate as possible with all social posts; to recognize and respect the power of social media platforms, and not to take them lightly or for granted. Ultimately, the reputation of our business is at stake – and that’s never something to take for granted.

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As we launch into 2015, we are resolving to be more cognizant of our social responsibility and reputation as an agency… and we’re going to encourage the same of our clients. Will you join us in taking greater care and ownership of your social branding this year?

Read the full article here: http://smallbiztrends.com/2015/01/social-media-branding-mistakes.html.

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