PACE Shines Again: Receives Multiple Awards from NJ Builders Association

PACE_SAM_logoWe’re proud to share the good news that PACE received six awards at the 28th annual SAM Awards celebration, held March 26th in Atlantic City! The SAM Awards, presented by the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA), are the most coveted honors within the state to recognize creative achievement in new home sales and marketing. The presentation of the SAM Awards caps off an outstanding awards season for us. Last month, the agency was recognized by the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey (SBACNJ) with nine FAME Awards for excellence in marketing accomplishments in the homebuilding industry.

PACE Team_SAM Awards 2015_FINAL
Proud members of our PACE team in Atlantic City after receiving 6 SAM Awards from the NJBA. L-R: Ken Hochman, Director – Media Strategy & Planning; Holly Kingsley, Senior Vice President; Cara Faske, President; Erika Cubano, Senior Account Executive; Randy Kershner, Senior Copywriter/PR Director; Daniel Greenspan, Digital Account Manager

This year, we were presented with SAM awards in a variety of categories for a number of different clients, as well as for the agency itself, recognizing our work across a broad spectrum of marketing initiatives. Awards included:

  • Best Corporate Ad (for K. Hovnanian Homes)
  • Best Internet Promotion – Client (for K. Hovnanian Homes)
  • Best Billboard (for Sharbell Development – Union Lofts at Town Center)
  • Best Special Promotion for a Community (Kalian Companies – Carriage Gate at Little Silver)
  • Best Logo Design (PACE 65th Anniversary)
  • Best Internet Promotion (PACE 65th Anniversary Email)

Collection of SAM Awards_2015

Our president, Cara Faske, commented on the awards:

We’re pleased and very honored to receive these prestigious awards from the NJBA, following so quickly on the heels of our recent FAME Award wins,” said Cara. “It means a lot to be honored by our friends and peers in the building community and we’re proud of the work we’ve done for all our New Jersey clients this year. This kind of recognition validates our commitment to serving the New Jersey homebuilder community and continues to solidify our standing as one of the leading agencies in the tri-state area, committed to excellence in marketing and advertising.”

Holly Kingsley, our Senior Vice President, commented further on the significance of this year’s crop of SAM Awards:

What’s especially rewarding is to be recognized for work we’ve done for a variety of different clients, which demonstrates our broad reach across New Jersey, and for work that spans a variety of marketing channels, from digital initiatives to logo design to more traditional advertising efforts. PACE has always been a full-service agency, and these awards reflect our diversity of creativity and capabilities.”

Cheers to our whole PACE team!



Going Native

PACE_nativeadvertising-01Call it “sponsored content”… call it “native advertising”… whatever you call it, there’s no denying that this type of paid content marketing is all the rage, as more and more companies and brands are utilizing it as part of their overall marketing strategy. In fact, investment in native ads is expected to triple between 2013 and 2015.

PACE_social iconsTo read more about the rapid growth of this new marketing channel, check out this good article from Krystal Overmyer on In it, she looks at the dramatic growth of native ads in 2014: over 850 brands purchased native ads in December on the top 100 consumer and B2B websites, compared to 688 brands that purchased native ads the previous July—representing a 24 percent increase in native ads between July and December 2014.

Native advertising refers to how companies work with online publications to create paid content that takes on the appearance of editorial or other content on that platform. As Overmyer explains, “native ads could include promoted tweets or suggested Facebook posts; it could also take the form of a 1,500-word piece on… the New York Times.”

Examples of different types of native advertising, courtesy of

Generally, companies expect and see better results with native ads than what they would get from more traditional display ads or other promotions. Native ads are more “readable” and easily shared across the internet. According to MediaRadar CEO and co-founder Todd Krizelman:

This has led to much higher response rates and improved aided and unaided brand awareness.”

It’s not really a new phenomenon – just reworked and reimagined for the digital age. In earlier times, “native advertising” was called “advertorial” – and at PACE, we’ve been offering it to clients for years as an effective additional strategy to complement marketing campaigns. Over the years, we have repeatedly heard from clients – particularly our real estate clients – who report that they have seen more traffic from customers who mention the “story they read in the Sunday paper” as opposed to the ad we placed. Today, we’ve adapted that strategy to apply to online publications, as well. Whether in print or online, whether you call it “advertorial” or “native advertising,” the content has to be good. It can’t just be fluff, but must give the reader something of interest and value, while effectively promoting the brand or business, as well.

We’re on board with native advertising at PACE, and ready to help your business tap into this hot marketing trend.

PACE_native cartoon

What makes a good agency? Good clients.

It takes good clients to make a good advertising agency. Regardless of how much talent an ad agency may have, it is ineffective without good products and services to advertise.” (Morris Hite, Former Chairman, President & CEO, Tracy-Locke)

PACE_Morris L Hite
Morris L. Hite, Former Chairman, President & CEO, Tracy-Locke

What a great quote from one of the ad industry’s giants. Back in the day, in the golden age of advertising, Morris Hite built Tracy- Locke into the preeminent advertising agency in the Southwest, with a client list that included Frito-Lay’s Doritos Tortilla Chips, Dr. Pepper, Haggar Slacks, Borden Dairies, Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries, Texas Instruments, Comet Rice and Imperial Sugar. Hite is a member of the Advertising Hall of Fame and you can read more about his life and career here.

Mr. Hite’s unique thinking and philosophy helped Tracy-Locke pioneer a number of distinctive accomplishments for clients. Working with E.R. Haggar, Hite coined the word “slacks” in 1940. He helped bring Elsie the Cow to life through television advertising for Borden and helped Frito-Lay build the Doritos brand.

His perspective on clients is right on the mark. Hite’s quote shows that he realized something vital to the success of any agency: we’re nothing without our clients. Good clients. Over the years at PACE, we’ve worked with a number of leading publicly traded and privately held companies across a variety of sectors – and we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. In fact, many of our client partnerships have spanned decades – a true rarity in the world of advertising. We do well to never forget that it all begins with good clients, offering good products and services. That’s what makes a good agency. Thanks to all those we’ve had the honor to work with and serve for over 65 years now!



Digital on the Rise

PACE_DIGITAL-MARKETING-TRENDSDigital marketing is unstoppable. The current issue of Ad Age is dubbed “The Digital Issue,” with some very interesting stories and features on the meteoric rise of digital, which they call the “unquestionable future of marketing.” At the same time, they warn that some companies and brands may be close to overdosing on it, looking at digital as the savior for any and every problem they face. Globally, 24% of ad budgets are now going to digital. But it’s still difficult to draw a direct line from digital spending to real results for most companies. What is the proper allocation? Is it an “inexpensive miracle drug” as some companies believe, or should it be treated as part of a balanced media regimen? We’re for the latter, but we encourage you to take a look at the article (“Overdose?”) on and see what you think.

A new survey from Strata, a developer of media buying and selling software, as reported on, provides some more fuel for the meteoric rise of digital. The survey finds that 81% of ad agencies are paying more attention to digital advertising than they were a year ago (we certainly are), and 41% expect an increase in digital ad spending during 2015. 35% of the agencies polled saying their clients are increasing their budgets from last year; that’s a 50% uptick in expectations from just two years ago. It’s a very interesting shift occurring in real time – exciting and unpredictable at the same time. Click here to see more of the survey results.

PACE_digital-marketingWhat are you seeing in crystal ball of digital marketing?


Welcome to our newest PACE team member!

A great big WELCOME to Katie Cope, the newest member of our PACE and Cara Martin team!

PACE Adv_Katie Cope
Our new PACE Account Coordinator, Katie Cope

Katie joined us this week as an Account Coordinator and will be working closely with our account teams on a variety of client projects. Katie comes to us from the Boston area, where she was working as a Client Services Specialist for Propel Marketing, a digital marketing firm. She earned her MA in English from UMass, Amherst, and her BA in Political Science and Literature from American University in Washington, D.C. In her spare time, Katie might be found running (she was a top-third finisher at the Spartan Race New England for 3 years in a row!), playing tennis, or working out at the gym. She is also a mosaic and pottery artist and an active member and contributor to the Arbor Day Foundation. And now in her spare time, no doubt she’ll be exploring her new home base of NYC.

We are thrilled to have Katie on board and looking forward to having her on our team!