Edd’s Reflections on His Internship at PACE

From Edd Costa, PACE Summer Associate:

Interning at PACE Advertising has taught me many lessons about the world of advertising and how it is ever changing and growing. Currently, I am studying public relations and advertising at LIU Post and the professors, classes and resources are incredible. With PACE, I get to bring my knowledge to the front lines and sharpen my skills and learn from some awesome and helpful people in the industry. What I am really taking away from this experience is that there are so many fine details to both public relations and advertising. At the end of each day I truly feel I learned something I would not be able to in the classroom, something that will always stick with me.

Edward Costa - PACE Advertising - PACE Internship

This is an ever-changing world and I am very fortunate that I am able to see how businesses are adapting and what advertisers are doing to stay on top of their game. Attending meetings, seminars and just talking to people I got the sense that advertising is something that will always be moving quickly and sometimes without notice. The knowledge I’m getting here is sure to spill out into the classroom and for once I am eager to get back to classes and noticed by my professors for the right reasons.

I could not be happier interning at PACE Advertising. I have nothing but smiles when I write copy or a press release because I am still in awe that I am here doing it. I’m learning from fantastic teachers that are just wonderful and really give me the confidence to try my best and work hard. I laugh, learn and at the end of the day I am more than satisfied of what I am doing here. It is quite something when you get to see your dream in front of you and PACE Advertising has really cemented the fact that I want to pursue advertising.

Flashback Friday: The 1940s

At PACE, we’re proudly celebrating our 65th Anniversary this year!  Thus, every Friday we will share a decade of PACE history on the blog, starting this afternoon!

A lot has happened since we opened our doors back in 1949. We’ve evolved over the years to meet the challenges of a changing world, but one thing has always remained constant: our ability to creatively, strategically, and successfully position, brand, and promote our clients.  Today, the first decade of PACE Advertising, the 1940s:

PACE Advertising - 65th Anniversary -1940s



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Emily’s Reflections on Her Internship at PACE

From Emily Chakurda, PACE Summer Associate:

Expectations have a way of falling short; not quite living up to what you hoped for. We get over it, make the best of whatever we are given and move on. There are those rare times though, when expectations are far exceeded and these are moments you don’t take for granted… times you grab onto, savor, and rely on, to grant you those unforgettable experiences.

My internship at PACE Advertising, in the greatest city on Earth, has afforded me one of these experiences; one that I will reflect upon and benefit from for many years to come.

Emily Chakurda - Reflections on Her Internship at PACE Advertising

This summer, I got to experience the best of both worlds. At first glance, both PACE and New York are intimidating to a 21-year old college student. It is an overwhelming city with 100 times the hustle and bustle that it is known for. There are taxis, subways, fast-paced residents, and diverse people from all walks of life. And to top it off I would be interning at PACE, an advertising agency that has been a respected and tremendously successful company for 65 years.

My expectations of surviving and performing at my best were mind-boggling. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that the right environment brings out the best in people, no matter how successful or “big” they are. Despite its reputation for being somewhat cold and fast-paced, the New York lifestyle was something I loved diving into… running for subways, catching trains, always having somewhere to be. I grew to love New York with every hailed cab and delicious bite of famous New York-style pizza. But the reason I was in this awesome city was to learn what it takes to have a successful advertising career. My expectations involved gaining valuable experience from talented professionals. Made sense; what else would I expect? Well I can tell you that what I have gained from PACE doesn’t even come close to matching my expectations. To say my expectations have been exceeded is quite the understatement.

The warmth I received from everyone in the office made coming into work a pleasurable experience every day. I never felt intimidated or afraid to ask questions, and each person made sure that I experienced all aspects of the agency- from creative, to copy writing, to account work- to ensure that I left this internship with a well-rounded experience. Something that I especially appreciated was that they took time to get to know me. They asked what parts of advertising I was interested in and what I hoped to learn. I told them that I wish I knew more about software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, because I’ve never taken a course that taught me how to use them. Sure enough, they made sure that I got to practice using those programs.

I also always felt included. When there was a project that I wasn’t even technically assigned to, they would ask me for input. I was taken to multiple meetings and encouraged to speak up if I had an idea. The way that they made me really feel a part of the team gave me confidence.

Walking into a friendly office every day where no one was stuffy, condescending, or made me feel like “the intern”, made me want to come into work everyday and impress them, and do a good job. Their ability to create a hardworking environment, balanced by the easy-goingness and good sense of humor from all of the professionals makes me want to work in a place that encompasses this sort of feeling. PACE has set quite the standard for what I hope for in future career endeavors.

This fantastic melding of experiences makes me excited for what’s to come next year. I leave this internship with a well-rounded experience in a New York City advertising agency, as well as a new found love for the best city on the planet. I can’t wait to hopefully be back in the City next year, working at a place that is as successful, professional, and warm as PACE.