Emerging Tech in Advertising Event

From Kelly Donlin, PACE Digital & Social Media Manager:

Last night I attended the Advertising Club of New York‘s fourth Ad Think event on “Emerging Ad Tech.” Four start-up companies presented in a Times Square conference room to an esteemed panel and a crowd of standing-room-only members. The event focused on four hand-selected start-ups with cutting edge solutions and diverse backgrounds, presenting ideas for how to advance the industry.

Standing Room Only on Tuesday Night

The start-up companies and representatives presenting were Jason Klein of ListenFirst Media, Ron Jacobson of RockerBox, Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media, and Jay Singh of Viral Gains.  Each gave a five-minute pitch and then faced a lively Q&A with the panel members. The panel members included industry heavyweights Janet Balis, CRO of Betaworks + Former Publisher of The Huffington Post; Jon Bond, Chief Tomorroist at Tomorro; Alex Morrison, SVP/Director of Digital Marketing at the Grey Group (another WPP company); and Javier Farfan, Senior Director of Cultural Branding at PepsiCo.

Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media

A few key takeaways from last night:

  • “We always talk about the conversation and how it relates to social media but it goes beyond that, it’s the whole campaign.”
  • There is a huge opportunity for brands to stop shouting at consumers and create context aware content consumers want to interact with.
  • You need to understand the context to understand the data.

At PACE we strive to help our clients understand the market and emerging new technologies that are available to help them connect with customers or potential customers. We agree that it’s important not to “shout” at customers but to add to the conversation with meaningful content, and we work with our clients to do just that. And we provide in-depth monthly reporting to all clients to help them address and understand the context and the data in unison.

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